Deflategate and the end of ball boys

Deflategate and the end of ball boys

By now everyone knows about the deflated balls used in the Patriots – Colts game, however this is not a unique phenomenon and has given the name Deflategate.

To better understand this situation you should know that each team brings 12 footballs for a game and another 12 as backup. In the Patriots against Colts game 11 of the 12 balls brought by the Patriots were inflated below standard and somehow got past the NFL referee in charge of assessing the balls.

Although this wasn’t the factor which caused the Colts to lose, the Patriots being clearly superior, it has caused a lot of stir in the pro football world. It is even rumored that all balls used for games will no longer be brought by teams, but kept by the NFL in order to insure they are up to standards.

What this means is that instead of each team putting a ball (from their own pool) in the game whenever the situation asks for it, they will be kept by the NFL referees and provided by the NFL as well. This doesn’t seem like such a difficult thing to do as special lockers can be built on the sides of the field, which will be watch over NFL officials to remove the threat of foul play.

Besides increased security this might also mean that ball-boys will be left without a job. This would be a great impact on NFL seeing how ball-boys have also been used for charity events and some of the great names of pro football started as ball-boys.

Posted by Ana Kubik 3/14/15