The best player in the world, yet not so adored

The best player in the world, yet not so adored

What Novak Djokovic did yesterday was truly impeccable. He proved to the world that he is one of the best players in the world and we can freely say of all time.
Still if you have watched Wimbledon than you would have probably noticed one thing – Djkovovic is not very loved.

Where is the love? That is the question everyone’s been asking these days, especially the press in the United Kingdom.
They think that Novak deserves to be loved as much as any other tennis player in the world, and in this case we are talking about Federer because it seemed like the audience cheered for him, not for Novak.

We can only imagine how Djokovic felt, once he realized that he is not as adored as his opponent.
People who saw their match yesterday realized that the audience was cheering for Federer every time he made a mistake, and on the other hand was booing every time Djokovic scored.
In the beginning Novak handled the situation really well, because he didn’t want to show how upset he was, but once he realized that the audience will not stop booing he started to become very agitated.

And we think that he had every right to feel and be like that, because he didn’t do anything wrong to get all that hate.
The question is – Why is one of the best players of all time a bad guy? Did he kill or hurt anyone or what?
He definitely didn’t deserve all that disrespect and we hope that things will get better in the future.