2015 Great American Outdoor Show

2015 Great American Outdoor Show

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, outdoor show is about to happen between the Feb. 7 and 15 in Harrisburg. This event is called the Great American Outdoor Show and is hosted by the National Rifle Association.

With less than two weeks to go until the show, it is one of the most anticipated outdoor events all year round. The show, which is the largest of its kind in the world will celebrate outdoor lifestyle and sports like hunting and fishing over a period of nine days. The show is addressed not only to people interested in these sports but to their families as well.

This year the show will be host to more than 1,000 businesses including tools manufacturers (firearms and fishing tools) and other adjacent manufacturers and businesses (RVs, boats and clothing). Only the exhibit area will be hosted on an area no smaller than 650,000 square ft. This show will be a massive display for all enthusiasts.

To make the event interesting for the entire family there will be other attractions like concerts, dinners, public speaking engagements, competitions (Laser Shot, magnetic fishing, barrel racing and others), demonstrations and celebrity appearances.

This will be the second year when the event is sponsored by the National Rifle Association and after the great success it had last year officials stated they are humbled by the commitment showed by attendees. Kyle Waver of the NRA said that they will be working on delivering an even better experience to the participants and without doubt the 2015 edition will be one to remember.