American Pharoah Came Up Big For U.S.A

American Pharoah Came Up Big For U.S.A

American Pharoah came up very big for the U.S.A. American Pharoah is best known for having his name spelled wrong. However, he is now known for being a winning horse. He has won the biggest race during the Preakness Race. This instantly caused this horse to be known around the world as one of the best and fastest horses on the planet. 

Pharaoh began this race in an uncomfortable mode. This is because the horse stalled as it came out if the gate; this caused all of the other horses to get ahead. Pharaoh, however, sped forward in a hurry. Pharaoh was instantly in the front spot before anyone could think twice. Once Pharaoh was in this spot, he was not giving up at all. Pharaoh kept this number one spot the entire way through. He was never in the number two spot at all. 

Not only did Pharaoh keep this number one spot, no other horse was able to catch up with Pharoah at all. Pharaoh was just too fast and too balanced. Many people were worries about Pharoah. This is because there were rumors that Pharaoh was not that healthy for one reason or another. However, this race silenced all of that. 

Pharoah has proved himself as a horse, and Pharaoh is expected to come back to the race next year. Fans everywhere are looking forward to seeing Pharaoh on the track and being faster than ever. Fans everywhere are also looking forward to Pharaoh breaking records and making history one race at a time.