Beginner tips for kayaking

Beginner tips for kayaking

Kayaking is a fun activity and provides great exercise and can be a gratifying fitness adventure. If you are heading for this adventure as a beginner, you might want to follow some tips to make your experience safe and enjoyable.

Know your kayak

Kayaks can be for one, two or as large as for three people at the same time. (If you are using one of the large ones, you might want to ride with expert kayakers.) Kayaks are usually made of plastic or Kevlar.  The first one is lighter and the latter is stronger but still light. A plastic kayak is much cheaper than a Kevlar one.  If you plan on training, you might want to go for the plastic one.


To decide what type of kayak paddle you will use, consider important factors.  These include your size, the size of the kayak, and the type of strokes you will be making. Since you are a beginner, it is recommended you choose one that is not too heavy. This will reduce the chances of overworking yourself. You will notice that kayak paddles are different from those used for canoeing.  While canoeing paddles are single-bladed, kayak paddles are double-bladed.

It is also recommended that you get some training in paddling from an expert before hitting the water.

Safety equipment

This is crucial, even if you don´t feel you will not need it on calm waters. Buy a certified life vest that is lightweight and allows you to rotate your arms for safe paddling. If you are kayaking on rocky waters, it is important that you wear a protective helmet.

Get some previous practice

You must learn some basic kayak paddling techniques. If you plan on getting professional lessons, then you will probably not need to invest in gear as they are usually included on the fee.