History of Rollerblades

History of Rollerblades

Do you still remember them ? It seems like no one is riding them today, or even if there are people who do, it's definitely not like before.
So to remind ourselves, we will tell you how it all started, the history of rollerblades.

In the early 1700s the in-line skates were created, when a Dutchman attached wood spools to strips of wood, and nailed them to his shoes.

In 1863, were created the conventional rollerskate model.
In 1980, brothers Brennan and Scott Olsen found an older version of in-line skates, and decided to enhance them, thinking they would be great for the hockey training.
When they made their first Rollerblades in-line skates, hockey players were thrilled by those skates, and they started using them on the streets.

In 1983. Scott Olson founded Rollerblade Inc. and now the term rollerblading meant the in-line skating, and his company was the only one who produced in-line skates, and that was for a long time.
When Olson brothers decided to sell the Rollerblade Inc. new owner had enough money to improve the design.

Lightning TRS were the ones who made a massive success. Fiberglass was used to produce the frames, and the wheels and brakes were a lot improved.

After Lightning TRS, we had Oxygen, K2, Ultra Wheels and others.
In 1989, Rollerblade Inc. produced the Macro and Aeroblades models. Those were the first skates that were fastened with three buckles.

Later, in 1993, Rollerblade Inc developed Active Brake Technology, which brakes increased safety.