Hunting becoming a Girl’s Sport Too

Hunting becoming a Girl’s Sport Too

Historically, hunting has been a man’s job. Men would use anything from spears to guns to bring home game for their families. But as the years wore on, the survival skill became a sport, with the bigger the game, the bigger the prize. Competitions began and now hunting is a valuable skill that speaks to a person’s skill, aim, and experience. But until five years ago, hunting was a man’s game, with no guns or gear specifically designed for women.

More recently, the history of hunting as a man’s game has been eradicated. Hunting is now becoming more familiar as a family sport, and women are moving up to the big leagues.

Employees at the Jessie James Outpost, a hunting place in Mississippi, reported about the recent growth in ladies’ appearance in hunting. "Deer hunting seems to be the most prominent for ladies lately," Employee James Bowens said. He mentioned that since about a year and a half ago, more women were coming to look at guns, hunting gear and pistols.

Bowens wasn’t surprised by the new trend. “It's quiet and it gives them time to reflect," Bowens commented. "It's not as chaotic as being at home or different things that they've done in the past."

“Most families are hunting together now,” the Jessie James Outpost employee added. "A lot of them vacation and take hunting trips, outside of state or even come here into Mississippi."

The growth of female hunters will have a substantial effect on the next couple of generations. According to Aspen Times, there are studies that show a women’s influence over the rest of her family. If she hunts, everyone else will too.