Surfing Eyes Problem

Surfing Eyes Problem

Surfers  will  bear  me  witness  that  surfing  is  of  course  a  great  sport  and  exercise   to  workout. Despite  of  all  that  joyful  moment  you  enjoy  surfing, you  might  have  been hit with  news  that  surfing  has  some lead  people  to  loss  an  eye  in the  sport. Though  not  all  the  surfers  are  injured,  especially  the  practiced  surfers.
The  cumulative  and  long  time  exposure  to  spray, wind  and  ultra-violet  radiation  causes  two eye complications  to surfers  that  are  Pterygium  and  cataracts.  This   really  threatens  surfers  yet  they  are  avoidable.

Pterygium  is  very  common  to most  older are  affected,  it  will manifest  as  clear, white  membrane  that  will  grow  over  inside  cornea  of  either  one  or  both  eyes. 
At  the  start  of  the stage  the  irritating  effect is  very  small. It  feels  dry  and  itching. Though  pterygium  will  not  cause  immediate  blindness  to  the  surfer, the  pterygium  grows  and  might  end  up covering  the  entire  pupil  hence  disturbing  the  vision.

The  best   and  most  advisable  method  to  use  and  avoid  pterygium  is  by  making  sure  you  make  your  eyes  comfortable, protect  them  from sun,  wind and  spray   and  if  they  are  dry  use  a  lubricating  eye drop for  ease.  While  surfing  you  are  recommended to  cover  the  eyes  with  surfing  glasses.

Cataracts  are  also  very  common, they  occurs  when the  lens  that  focuses  the  light  on  the  retina  becomes  permanently clouded. If   left  un-attended  to  lead  to  total  blindness. This  surfer  problem  is caused  by  exposure  to  UV-radiation.  
In  cataracts  surgery  the  doctor cuts  the  eyeball  and  remove  the  clouded  natural  lens  and  only  replace  with  a synthetic lens.