Why you should use a bicycle for transportation?

Why you should use a bicycle for transportation?

We know that most people use car for transportation because you can bring more people along with you and because some of them think it is less dangerous to drive a car then to ride a bike.

But in case you are having second thoughts and you are still not convinced whether you should use a bike or a car, we will tell you why you should choose bike over car.
Maybe the most important reason for every person is money. If you decide to use this for transportation you will save a lot of money, because it is easier to finance a new bicycle then a new car logically.

Of course if you don’t have financial problems, and you don’t think you need to save money then you shouldn’t be reading this part.
If you care about your environment then you should definitely buy a new bike, because it doesn’t produce big amount of pollution while you are riding it.
Also it eliminates the oil, hydraulic fluids and fuel that are dripped by the cars on the road, which means that it somehow protects our environment.

If you already have one car, and you need another vehicle, then definitely choose bike, because it is a great option for a second vehicle and you can save a lot of money if you pick one.
Think about the expenses you can potentially have in case you decide to have two cars.
If you want to lose some weight or improve your health, then bicycle is definitely the best choice for you.
You could burn at least 500-600 calories an hour, which is a lot, and most bike commuters lose 15-20 pounds without dieting.