"Aqua" means water and "thlon" means wrestling. Essentially, it is hand to hand fighting and wrestling submerged. 
This is also known as underwater wrestling. The concept of this wrestling is that two contenders wearing covers and blades wrestle submerged trying to expel a lace from one another's lower leg band to win the session. 

This wrestling happens in a 5 meter square ring inside of a pool it is three 30 second cycles an extra round held to set up the champ in the case of a tie. 
This game is played in the swimming pool with the 2 meter profundity. The contenders wear a bathing suit, plunging mask,fins, water polo top and two lower leg bands. This rivalry is known as a battle. 

This game was made and created amid the years 1980 to 1982 by Igor Ostrovsky, a submerged games, a mentor at the Moscow Technological Institute. It was initially played at worldwide level in 1993 with national groups from Israel, Russia and Ukraine in participation. 
This game is played everywhere throughout the world. There is likewise a lady submerged wrestling. 
Well, it’s a fascinating and exceptionally requesting diversion. 

Numerous individuals are not mindful of this game bit its truly prominent in Singapore and other western nations.

Posted by Ken Martin 6/25/15