Mike Minor’s Shoulder Injury

Mike Minor’s Shoulder Injury

A  shoulder  injury  that Mike  Minor  have  will  force him  to  miss  the  remaining   part  of  the  season,  Mike began  his  season on  the 15- day disabled  list which  he  joined  on April 5, after he  was  sidelined after  he  experienced  some  soreness during  his spring  training.

The  struggle  he had during  the spring training  lead  to Braves  acquiring  of  right  hander Trevor Cahill on April 2 from Arizona, Shelby  Miller  and  Eric Stults to  the rotation  in the off season.

Due  to  the  shoulder  soreness,  there  has  been  a  big  decline in his  previous  performance, he  finished 6-12  with  a 4.77 ERA  compared  to  his  2013  performance when  he  was 13-9 with  a 3.21 ERA.

The 27   year  old  Mike,  had  previously  attempted  to  join the Atlanta rotation,  but all  was  in  vein after  the  discomfort  resulting  from the shoulder  injury  endured  when  he   endeavor  to  rise  up  his throwing  program.

The  report  says  that  Mike  was in the  braves clubhouse before  the  game  that  was  to  be  played  on  Sunday against the  Mets though  he  did  not  converse  with  the  media.  But  the  information  that  Hart  provided concerning  Mike  is, he went  back  to see  the  team  doctor  in Atlanta  then  he  will  go back  to  Florida  for  throwing  program.
Multiple  report  that have reached  us  is,  the  team on  Thursday  announced that  Mike underwent  surgery  in  Los  Angeles  the  previous  day  to  repair the labrum  in his left  shoulder.  
Multiple  exams  that  have  been  performed  on  his left shoulder  last  year  and   seconded this year,  and  the  report  expose that  no  any  structural  injure.  From  the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they report   that this  week’s  surgery  will  be investigative.  
While  Mike  is  undergoing  recovery  he  will be  expected  to  return and  begin  his  spring  training  next  year.

Posted by Tim Mathews 8/12/15