Molding Yourself into a Midfield General

Molding Yourself into a Midfield General

Do you play holding midfield in your college soccer team? Then you might well be the key to winning next season. The midfield general holds possession, breaks up opposition play and keeps the passes ticking within the team. These key tips will help you mold yourself into a formidable midfield general and an adept playmaker.

Work hard on perfecting your tackling
A holding midfielder has to be a technically precise tackler, able to win hard tackles, and stop quick attacks. You need to be able to impose yourself into the game, acting as the shield in front of your defense. Quick reactions and strength are key to progress here.

Always strive to read the game
Reading the game involves good spatial awareness and being able to spot and predict the movements of all players in your zone. You need to close down the gaps between your players quickly, and move up to support the attack whenever needed.

Support the team tirelessly
Often, the holding midfielder is one of the players who run the most in a match. Constantly moving into spaces to relay passes, and covering positions as teammates push forward or confront the opposition requires a tremendous amount of stamina and determination to support the team.  
These are the ideal strengths of a complete midfield general. Strive to master these, and you'll find you've become the heart of your team and the bane of the opposition attack. 

Posted by Sean Grey 7/26/15