Nadal disappointed

Nadal disappointed

One of the best tennis players in the world Rafael Nadal was very disappointed when he lost to Fabio Fognini, saying that his game was " vulgar ".

Nadal pointed out how his game was disastrous, and the only thing he can do is improve his game.

Fabio Fognini was really better than me, and he definitely deserved to win, I didn't. I will be very sad and vulnerable until I resolve my problem because I've had so much ups and downs this season. This is a really bad day for me, even though I felt like I was better than before. I will keep on working and improving, and I am really convinced that sooner or later I will eliminate the obstacles and oscillations I currently have - Rafael stated

He looked back at the game in Barcelona, especially his performance in the second set.

He said how he really didn't deserve to win, and he thinks he was playing really bad, not the way it supposes to be.

I wasn't aggressive enough, and I missed more shots than usual. I could not keep the advantage I had all along. I had three breaks in the second set, and in the end the result was 5:5 which is a complete disaster. It hit me really hard, but I accept the challenge, and everything negative that happened to me. I could only accept it, or die, there is no other way - added Nadal.

He is really disappointed in his forehand because it wasn't fast and strong enough, and he wasn't able to control it very well. He knows that forehand is one of his best traits, and it simply wasn't at its best.

Posted by Scotty Mack 5/28/15