Ricardo Carvalho: Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘almost perfect’

Ricardo Carvalho: Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘almost perfect’

Ricardo Cavalho has praised Cristiano Ronaldo as an “almost perfect” soccer player who should be named for the third consecutive time the best in the world. The Real Madrid winger was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 2008 and 2013 and Carvalho thinks Ronaldo deserves to keep the annual award.

He said that the 29 year old, who has scored 275 goals in 263 games for Madrid, is getting better every day. Speaking during news conference; “I think he is the best. For us Portuguese, everyone is expecting that Cristiano can win the third Golden Ball”. Ronaldo, who has a record of 52 goals for Portugal, was very instrumental in Real’s victory for this year’s Champion’s League netting a record 17 goals in the competition. This included one in the final match against Atletico Madrid.

Having scored 51 goals for Real in the previous season, he has started the current competition with 23 in only 17 games and Cavalho believes it is not easy to know how he could get better, saying: “It is difficult because when you see him, he is almost perfect, he Is strong, good in the air, he is fit always. It is difficult to say what he is missing.”

Ronaldo goes back to Old Trafford, where he won three premier League titles and spent six years and as a United player in the Champions League. The game against Argentina pits Ronaldo against Lionel Messi, the two players often described as the best in the world, as well as winners of the previous six Ballons d’Or.

Posted by Silvia L. Charles 2-4-15