Trevor Booker’s trickshot

Trevor Booker’s trickshot

A crazy, one in a million shot was just performed by Trevor Booker currently playing for Utah Jazz in the match against Oklahoma Thunder. However as amazing as it might have been it did not win the game for Utah in the end.

Apparently the shot was not planned it just happened to happen with only 1:02 left of the first half. When describing this method of scoring ‘shot’ is a bit too much seeing how it was more like a volleyball pass than a basketball shot.

So here’s what happened: one of Booker’s colleagues – Gordon Hayward – bounced the ball off the floor towards Booker who was standing with his back to the hoop and both arms palm up around his waist. When the ball reaches him Booker just pushes it up with both hands, over his head and directly into the hoop, thus scoring. This was crazy amazing to watch, especially how it happened in one fluid motion.

Hayward didn’t know the play and the two have not been practicing the entire routine. Booker stated that he just tried to offer Hayward a way out of the sticky situation he was in, and he did. However in the same statement Booker continues to add that he actually practice this shot, but on his own and that he’s really happy to see it work out in a real situation.

The star on Oklahoma Thunder, Kevin Durant, was clean and direct when commenting the trick shot by saying that it won’t be a happening again, it was just luck.

Posted by Ana Kubik 3/14/15