Turkey gone mad for Federer

Turkey gone mad for Federer

The whole world simply loves Roger Federer. Not only because he is one of the best tennis players EVER, but also because of his humble attitude, and appealing personality.

He is currently No. 2, and he has won the singles tournament in an open-era record of eighteen countries.

He traveled the world, visited different places, yet one country was kind of left out, until this week luckily - Turkey.

You can imagine their reaction once they have seen him, the locals simply went nuts. Even Federer was shocked by the reaction because he didn't know how popular he actually is.

He added how he has heard a lot of amazing things about Turkey, and, of course, their citizens and culture. For so long he wanted to visit this country, so he made his wish come true.

I saw the pictures before I came here, and I was hoping it was going to be like this, so I am happy it is as pretty as it is, and I am really enjoying myself - said Roger.

He's been discussing Nadal and Djokovic, and how he believed that Nadal was still the man to beat, along with No. 1 tennis player - Novak Djokovic.

He is really supportive, when it comes to Nadal's game, and even though his form is not as good as before, Federer is pretty sure he will get back on the track.

He is also very positive towards his game and form, and he believes that he will get better and better.

Posted by James Cobb 5/29/15