Hidden dangers of wake boarding

Hidden dangers of wake boarding

While wake boarding is on the rise and becoming one of the most popular water sports, it certainly does not diminish the dangers of wake boarding. Many people are too occupied with having fun out in the water to think about these things but they need to think of safety first. There are many hidden dangers of wake boarding and you may want to know about these dangers before you jump on board or allow your child to jump on board.

Neck and Head Injuries: The most common injury is neck sprains and head injuries from falling or being whipped off the wake board.

Lacerations:  Head and face lacerations are also common and can cause serious damage. Normally, these lacerations are caused by the rider hitting their head on the board itself but sometimes just hitting the water can cause an injury.

Other Injuries: Some other injuries are to ankles, wrists, legs, and shoulders. These injuries are often fractures or dislocations.

Even if the wake board is made of inflatable material, it can still cause injuries, especially when it is going at high speeds.

This is one of the most dangerous water sports and more children are injured because they think it is all fun and games. Like any sport that involves speed and water, caution must be taken.