What are wakeskates?

What are wakeskates?

Wakeskating is a unique sport that is very similar to wakeboarding. The boards used are very similar in both sports. However, wakeskating is more challenging in that the rider is not bound to the board at all. 

The most important element of the sport is, of course, the wakeskate.   You can think of it as a hybrid of a skateboard and a wakeboard.  They are slightly bigger than a skateboard.

Lately, this sport has gained more fans and the demand for wakeskates has increased. They come in all types and sizes. All major companies have included a wakeskate in their line of products. They market the board with a lot of information on how their board is better than the competition.  This can be confusing sometimes.  The road to success lies in your ability to find which one is the best one for you.

Wakeskates are rounded or rail shape and range from 39 to 45 inches in size, which is considerably smaller than a wakeboard. They can be found in all colors and designs.  Some of the major houses that distribute and sell wakeskates are Byerly, Hyperlite, Ronix, and Liquid Force. 

The surface of the wakeboards can be either flat or curved. The curved board was introduced in 2002.  Companies started to raise the sides and give it a bend at the tip.  But most wakeskates are flat, just like wakeboards.  The reasons is simple.  Even though a concave wakeskate provide better grip, especially during jumps and tricks, it is more expensive.

Wakeskates also come with a variety of surfaces – either grip-tape or foam. Grip-tape provides better friction but if you use it with bare feet, the tape can cause some abrasions. The foam is easier on the feet but does not provide as much traction for tricks.